Monday, July 5, 2010

Horten Ho XVIII Amerika bomber

The Horten Ho XVIII actually were 3 different projects made by Horten brothers in 1944 in order of RLM requirement for an aircraft with a range of 11000 km (6835 miles) and a bomb load of 4000 kg (8818 lbs).  None of aircraft ever archived like that. Five of Germany's top aircraft companies had submitted designs, but none of them met the range requirements for this Amerika Bomber.  Horten are one  of these company   The Hortens were not invited to submit a proposal because it was thought that they were only interested in fighter aircraft.
The Horten brothers realised the failures and redesign the aircraft modified with 6 jumo 004 turbojet and 2 mg turret to protect the aircraft.  When the meeting with  Messerschmitt and Junkers engineers were helded. These engineers feel unsatsifactory with the first design-the Ho XVIIIa.  After that Reimar-one of the Horten brothers feel unhappy and redeisgn it again with 2x He S011 jet engines in each of  two fixed main landing gear assemblie.  The prototype was proposed to test in the end of 1945 but the Allies advance was too fast and in May 1945, German surrender ended the project  

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