Monday, June 21, 2010

Boulton Paul P 100

Boulton Paul P 100 is a projected ground attack aircraft  submitted by Boulton Paul in response to Specification F. 6/42 which called for a 'single seat low level attack aircraft'. The P.100 was an innovative and forward-thinking design with features that were maybe too advanced for the time such as the unique 'jaw' at the nose which allowed the pilot to escape without danger of hitting the pusher propeller. But later in January 1944, the RAF want to terminated the project because it role already exist on 3 aircraft: the Hawker Typhoon, Tempest and Hurricane.


  • Powerplant:1x Rolls Royce Griffon II driving contra rotating props
  • Span :12.2m
  • Length:10.4m
  • Max speed:571 Km/h
  • Service range:5,182m
  • Proposed armament :4 x 20mm Cannon or  2 x 40mm + 2 x 20mm canon ,one 47mm Vickers cannon
  • Ornances:8 x RP3 Rockets,2 x 500 lb. bombs
The Jaw nose escape step by step

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