Monday, June 21, 2010

Dewoitine /Sud Est SE 580

In 1944, when France been freed , the Aeronautic Manufacturing National Societies or SNCA try to built a new type of fighter based on the project of the SNCA du Midi M 580-an early design of SE 580 in 1940, the SE 580 wing planform-with its near mid-chord single spar and its empennage surfaces planforms-was similar to the D520, albeit the horizontal planes had slightly greater aspect ratio. Initially designed to be powered by the 24-cylinder Hispano Suiza 24Z (H type) of 2,000hp, its postwar redesign accommodated the 24-cylinder arsenal 24 H of 3,400hp. This latter engine used the cylinder blocks of the German Junkers IV12 213 engine.

Two 12.1-foot-diameter coaxial, counter-rotating propellers were to be utilized for propulsion.
It was to be armed with a 30mm cannon firing through the propeller axis, plus four 20mm cannon and either eight 7.Smm or six 12.7mm machine guns mounted in the wings outboard of the propeller arc. A 500kg (1,100 lb.) bomb could be carried beneath the fuselage. It is obvious that the after-cockpit buried radiator with top-mounted radiator intake was for protection from ground fire.

One thing was sure is 2 prototypes were ordered but they were not complete because the project was cancelled when the Amee de Air( French airforce) focus more on jet fighters along with it competitor-the Arsenal VB-10 shortly thereafter.
  • Powerplants:Hispano Suiza 24Z(2x Hispano Suiza 12Z)
  • Armaments:30mm cannon in the props axis, 2x HS 404 cannons in each wing
  • Propellers:6 blades contra rotating props or 5 blades counter rotating prop
  • Span 15.862m
  • Length 13.000m
  • Weight 5093kg 
  • Maximum speed 749km/h

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